Launching First Pulse Consulting

Updated: Jun 1

Over 6 years ago, I graduated with my MBA degree from Clark University. Now, I am currently the UX Design and Business Team lead for the Digital Ecosystem and the Digital Brand Marketing Division of USPS.

Oh, and I also own and lead First Pulse Consulting. First Pulse provides creative and strategic consulting services that help businesses grow through data-driven research methods and user centered design.

Ultimately, my consulting practice was a direct result of experience both at Booz Allen Hamilton and the type of hands-on experience that I got at Clark. Clark showed me that theory is different than practice, and you need to find ways to effectively solve problems, quickly learn, and adapt.

It has been a pleasure working with our various diverse clients, each with different and challenging problems. We are also growing our team. Once a solo team, we have now grown to nearly 10 members and we are not stopping.

From product management to business consulting, we're here for all your project and product needs. We are only a short call or email away. We are eager to work with you! Feel free to contact me anytime at 508-816-8427 or


Alex, Founder and CEO