Creative Consulting, 10 Years in the Making


First Pulse is a consulting, strategy, and design firm, providing startups and small businesses with creative and digital services that help businesses grow through data-driven research methods, customer experience insights, and continuous improvement strategies. Like many of First Pulse's clients, however, First Pulse has pivoted numerous times over the years.

2013 | Originally founded as “First Pulse Technology”, First Pulse initially provided digital marketing and creative services to clients of WooConnect, a geosocial, startup app founded by Alex Turgeon and Abhijit Singh, that connected local businesses with college students by marketing local events, activities, & experiences.

2016 | After the successful launch, and later closure of WooConnect, First Pulse Technology evolved into First Pulse Consulting established with the motto of "big business impact, on a small business budget."

PRESENT | Today, First Pulse has a successful track record of developing and implementing effective strategies and creative solutions for both consumer and B2B audiences across a myriad of verticals such as retail, technology, hospitality, fitness, education, and more. The team has grown to include product managers, designers, market researchers, creatives, and digital project managers. The firm's services have yielded thousands in revenue, downloads, and increased traffic— while also getting storefronts featured by Etsy, local and national publications, and more.

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