Updated: Aug 5

WE ALL SCREAM FOR ICE CREAM | Expanding Product Marketing at WooBerry

SITUATION | Local New England frozen yogurt shop, WooBerry, under new ownership, wanted to expand its product line beyond frozen yogurt and grow its marketing reach.

TASK | First Pulse was tasked with overhauling WooBerry’s marketing efforts to expand WooBerry's market reach while transitioning its product offerings from solely frozen yogurt to hand-crafted, small-batch ice cream.

ACTION | First Pulse conducted user research, interviewing, and surveying prospective and current customers while gathering and analyzing primary data from WooBerry’s Square POS system. They effectively identified, segmented, and targeted underserved customer segments, which informed WooBerry’s brand and service design model. Differentiating from market substitutes and competitors, First Pulse developed, prioritized, and implemented actionable product marketing and brand strategies in alignment with WooBerry’s strategic vision and business-level growth to enable expansion beyond their current market reach.

RESULT | First Pulse successfully implemented marketing recommendations for WooBerry Ice Cream, increasing seasonal sales and average customer visits per month by 50%. Additionally, First Pulse helped expand their product line to include smoothies, coffee, house-made ice creams & pints to go, representing over 30% of sales within the first year and establishing WooBerry’s brand as Worcester’s finest small batch ice cream shop as voted best of Worcester 7 years and counting.

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