Updated: Sep 29

HEALTHY LIVING, ONE PULSE AT A TIME | Crowdfunding the PulseBand Smartwatch

SITUATION | Hardware manufacturer, Vidonn, developed a cost-effective watch set to disrupt the expanding smartwatch industry, but lacked the brand, marketing, and launch strategy to effectively enter the U.S. market.

TASK | First Pulse was tasked to build a product identity for Vidonn's newest device, developing a brand strategy and launching the watch into the market.

ACTION | First Pulse conducted market research to determine the best market niche and construct a brand and product roadmap. Differentiating from Vidonn’s competitors, First Pulse designed a product marketing and management plan for the watch, beginning with the name: PulseBand. Following the establishment of the product's identity, First Pulse developed and executed multiple crowdfunding campaigns to market, promote, and launch the PulseBand into international markets. As a part of this effort, First Pulse developed informative and creative marketing materials (videos, graphic design, written content and copyright, and press releases), managed community engagement, and operated the campaigns through completion.

RESULT | First Pulse successfully launched the PulseBand into international markets. They exceeded their initial $30k goal on Kickstarter, raising $148k by 2,075 backers on Kickstarter, and $180k by 2,478 backers on IndieGoGo. Throughout both campaigns, First Pulse addressed over 400 community comments and featured the PulseBand on national crowdfunding and technology blogs.

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