Updated: Sep 29

BACK FROM THE DEAD | Reviving a 30-Year Old Brand for Modern E-Commerce

SITUATION | Fright Catalog, a Halloween retailer, needed to rebrand, pivot their operations to optimize year-round, online eCommerce sales, and create a social media presence.

TASK | First Pulse was tasked with completely redesigning the Fright Catalog brand and transforming the 30-year-old Halloween, brick and mortar company into an eCommerce leader.

ACTION | First Pulse conducted market and user research which informed the brand redesign and successful launch of Deja Boo. First Pulse developed and implemented a comprehensive social media commerce and digital brand marketing strategy centered around limited time, limited supply product "drops", engaging video content, and exceptional customer experience and community engagement to help monetize the newly redesigned brand, and grow its online following.

RESULT | Within the first year of business, First Pulse grew Deja Boo to over 20k subscribers and follows, developed and redesigned the website, DejaBoo.Store, and the Haunt Club loyalty program, marketed and managed over $100k in direct online sales via, and maintained a 5 star rating with 100 customer reviews, highlighted by being featured on Etsy Editors Picks, local and national publications, and more!

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