Updated: Aug 5

MAKING MORE MEMORIES | Guiding an Industry Leader for Market Expansion

SITUATION | Wedding services provider, B.Remembered, was looking to service new markets while improving their digital experience to expand operations and increase online leads.

TASK | First Pulse conducted an in-depth competitive and market analysis, capturing data across 12 states and 8 wedding service lines to generate insights and a price value mapping dashboard. Additionally, the team assessed digital competitors, measured website SEO, and even surveyed B.Remembered users to generate quantitative and qualitative insights. Finally, First Pulse developed and implemented the digital experience and marketing strategy centered around improving the customer experience, optimizing SEO and content, and a redesigned website.

RESULT | Upon implementing the digital and marketing strategy recommendations, B.Remembered increased their web traffic and lead conversions to help grow online revenue to ~100k per month, while increasing customer reviews scores by 20%. First Pulse also identified opportunities to improve expanding into the Mid-Atlantic and Southern regions.

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