Cool any beverage, instantly.

The Coldwave allows you to make the freshest iced coffee on the market in any kitchen. In addition, the Coldwave is the fastest way to cool down coffee, tea, and other beverages without dilution.

Coldwave screen.png


The Problem

“A Surge in Visitors is Overwhelming America's National Parks. Growing crowds at U.S. National Parks have become unmanageable, jeopardizing the natural experience the parks were created to provide. With seasonal attendance continuing to shatter records, officials are considering limiting use of the parks in order to save them.”


The Goal

Leverage visitation and geographic data of over 400 U.S. National Parks to identify over-visited parks in relationship to the available area, and identify crowded parks to which can be allocated additional resources for management and/or deter guests to less densely visited parks



The Solution

In our work, we conceived, directed, and produced video content displayed across branded channels. We also identified growth opportunities through developing customer segmentation plans and strategies to acquire and convert potential customers.


The Results

As a result, we successfully outlined and executed a cohesive digital visual strategy to scale the production and sales of the Coldwave drink chiller by over 200%.